Yudu 62-5000 Personal Screen Printer (62-5000)

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Develop beautiful silkscreen designs and print them on placemats and napkins with Yudu Personal Screen Printer for totally unique table décor. Using images created on and printed from a home computer, the screen printer enables the user to produce custom t-shirts, pillowcases, posters, cards, and more. The printer is ideal for user on cotton and polyester cotton blends, but may also find success on paper, porous fabric, and wood. Ready for basic screen-printing use, the Yudu includes a mesh screen, emulsion sheet, squeegee, adult t-shirt platen, platen adhesive sheet, blank ink-jet transparency, and a 2-ounce bottle of water-soluble black ink. The Yudu’s lid lifts open to give access to the lighted table for screen exposure and printing; four replaceable, 18-inch 15-watt T8 bulbs illuminate the table. To ensure proper screen, image, and platen alignment, the table features registration guides and posts. A straightforward control panel, equipped with digital display, allows the user to operate the fan, exposure, and light functions, as well as adding or subtracting time for different project needs. Underneath the light table, a drying drawer is installed. The printer comes with an instructional DVD and a user manual. For more intricate images and text, Provo Craft offers finer mesh screens for separate purchase, along with essential accessories like emulsion remover and blockout. Operate the printer away from sinks and always unplug before wiping clean with a damp cloth.


  • Personal silk-screening system for apparel, home décor, and more; ideal for use on cotton and poly-cotton blends
  • Includes printing machine, mesh screen, emulsion sheet, squeegee, adult t-shirt platen, platen adhesive sheet, blank ink-jet transparency, and 2-ounce bottle of black ink
  • Easy-to-use control panel operates printer's light, exposure, and fan operations; requires access to computer and ink-jet printer
  • With instructional DVD and user manual included; unplug printer before wiping clean with damp rag, or when not in use

Model: 62-5000

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