SONY UP-D895 Video Thermal Printer (UP-D895)

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The  Sony UP-D895 is the Industry’s first Digital Monochrome A6 Medical grade printer with a USB interface. Near photographic, high glossy prints can be created by the combination of the UP-D895 printer and the UPP-110HG High Gloss Printing Paper. This printer features a 325 dpi thermal head with 256 levels of gray. A Resize-to-Fit feature enables the user to enlarge the image and print it in the desired size. With the UP-D895, panoramic-size prints can be produced making this printer ideal for the dental market. In addition, it’s equipped with a Parallel (IEEE 1284) interface as well as a USB interface to provide greater flexibility.


  • The resize-to-Fit feature enables the enlarging of the image for printing in the appropriate size.
  • Improved transfer time compared to the UP-D890. Image data manipulated in hardware.
  • Resolution of 325 dpi and 256 levels of gray for high picture quality.
  • High-speed printing of approximately 3.8 seconds*.
    Multiple print modes are available for a variety of applications.
  • High-quality, glossy, near-photographic printing with the optional UPP-110HG High Glossy Printing Paper.
  • Space-saving design.
  • Worldwide power supply for AC 100 to 120, 220 to 240V.
  • Compatible with UP-D890 driver software.

Model: UP-D895

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