Sick CLV422-2010 Barcode Scanner (1022620)

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Discover the Sick CLV422-2010 Barcode Scanner (Model: 1022620) - High-performance Scanning for Efficient Barcode Management

Streamline your barcode scanning operations with the Sick CLV422-2010 Barcode Scanner. Designed for precision and efficiency, this scanner delivers exceptional performance and reliability, ensuring accurate and fast barcode reading.


  • High-speed Scanning: The CLV422-2010 scanner boasts a rapid scanning speed, allowing for quick and efficient barcode reading. It enables fast processing of large volumes of items, increasing productivity in various industries and applications.
  • Wide Barcode Compatibility: This scanner supports a wide range of barcode symbologies, including 1D barcodes (such as UPC, EAN, Code 128) and 2D codes (such as QR codes and Data Matrix). It ensures compatibility with diverse products and labeling standards.
  • Auto-focus Technology: With its built-in auto-focus technology, the CLV422-2010 scanner can automatically adapt and adjust the focal distance to capture clear and accurate barcode scans. This feature eliminates the need for manual adjustments, ensuring reliable scanning results.
  • Advanced Connectivity Options: The scanner offers flexible connectivity options, including Ethernet, USB, and RS-232 interfaces. This enables seamless integration with various systems and devices, allowing for easy data transfer and communication.
  • Intelligent Setup and Configuration: The CLV422-2010 scanner features intuitive setup and configuration processes. It includes user-friendly software tools that simplify installation and parameter adjustments,

Model: CLV422-2010

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