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DT-9501 Handheld Multi-function Digital Radiation Detector is designed strictly following the new standard. This product is made of a highly-sensitive Geiger counter sensor and the latest CMOS integrated circuit technology. The product has functions such as data logger, Bluetooth communication for data transmission, and powerful software for data evaluation. It can detect Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and X-ray; it also can detect radiation pulse times. 

This meter can be widely used in the field of Pharmaceutical Factory, laboratory, power station, stone pit, emergency rescue station, metal plant, Oil field, and the oil pipeline equipment, environmental protection, police departments and etc. DT-9501 is mainly used to detect 


  • Groundwater, radium pollution 
  • Radioactivity of underground drill pipe and equipment 
  • Radon radiation, cesium pollution of the surrounding environment 
  • Radioactivity of construction materials
  • Radioactivity of porcelain, tableware, and glass
  • Local radiation leak and nuclear radiation pollution 
  • The landfill and dump with the risk of nuclear radiation 
  • Radioactive material detection of decoration material for houses and office buildings
  • Harmful radiation of personal property and valuable jewelry 
  • X-ray Intensity in Medical and Industrial usage and facilities

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