Pepperl+Fuchs PGV100SI-F200A-R4-V19 Optical Reading Head (PGV100SI-F200A-R4-V19)

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The PGV… reader forms part of the positioning system in the Pepperl+Fuchs incident light process. The reader's features include a camera
module and an integrated illumination unit. The reader uses these features to detect a colored strip stuck to the floor to track the lane. The reader
also detects control codes and position markers in the form of Data Matrix codes attached to a self-adhesive code tape. The code tape is usually
mounted in a fixed position instead of the colored strip or parallel to the colored strip. The reader is located on the front of an automated guided
vehicle and guides this vehicle along the colored strip.


  • Reading of Data Matrix control codes
  • Infrared light
  • Timestamp of the image capture
  • Automatic sending of position data

Model: PGV100SI-F200A-R4-V19

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