Panini EverneXt Intelligent Check Scanner (EverneXt)

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With throughput speed up to 160 CPM (Checks per Minute) and its on-board intelligence, the Panini EverneXt is designed for the most demanding and time-sensitive check capture environments, where it can digitize a wide range of deposit and payment related documents including checks, stubs, and ID cards, maximizing investment ROI while increasing utilization. The ergonomic design with swing-open covers provides complete access to the document track for cleaning, jam removal, and ink-cartridge replacement, maximizing system availability, and performance, while the LCD on the top cover is a useful aid to display connectivity status, historical data, error, and user messages, and inkjet cartridge monitoring.



  • API free, Operating System agnostic integration via HTTPS protocol
  • Natively compatible with applications written to the Vision neXt (on Windows)
  • Sharable by roaming tellers in an open setting ("Branch of the Future")
  • Enables maximum focus on the Customer


Model: EverneXt

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