Pacific Image PrimeFilm 7250Pro3 Film Scanner (7250UPRO3)

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The Pacific Image PrimeFilm 7250Pro3 Film Scanner provides a high-quality scanning capability of 35mm slides and negatives with a resolution of 7200 dpi and a dynamic range of 3.6D. The scanner is also an impressive productivity tool with the ability to batch scan 35mm strip film up to 40 frames and a Magic Touch Image Correction and Enhancement system that ensures that your scanned images are of the best quality possible. It does this by automatically removing dust and scratches, restoring color to faded films, and minimizing image graininess.


  • Convert 35mm Slides/Negatives to Digital
  • Scan Single Slide / Frame and Filmstrips
  • Batch Scanning
  • High Resolution - 7200 dpi

Model: 7250UPRO3

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