Oki MicroLine 391 Turbo Dot Matrix Printer (62412001)

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For long print runs or a single piece of letterhead, an envelope or a spreadsheet, the wide-carriage Microline 391 Turbo is the way to go. Its Tank Tough endurance keeps it productive long after most of its competitors have retired. And it delivers a combination of paper handling, performance and speed that can't be matched: 67% higher reliability than the competition. Twice the printhead life. Expanded head gap for twice the forms thickness. Superior 24-pin text and graphics. 390 cps Utility speed for high productivity. What's more, it supports MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 3.1 and 3.11, Windows NT 3.51, UNIX and Novell Netware, so it's compatible with virtually all custom and off-the-shelf software. The ML391 Turbo can drive your office productivity further and make you feel like a winner.


  • 104 cps Letter Quality/ 312 cps Utility @ 12 cpi/ 390 cps Utility @ 15 cpi
  • Emulation: Co-resident Epson ESC/P2, IBM PPR, and IBM AGM
  • Standard Interface: Centronics and IEEE 1284 bi-directional parallel; Microsoft Windows 3.1 & 3.11; Windows 95 (Plug and Play compatible), and Windows NT 3.51; support for UNIX, Novell Netware
  • RAM: 64 KB
  • Receive Buffer: 23 KB
  • Courier, Gothic, Orator, Prestige, Roman and Swiss / Bold; Utility Gothic
  • Courier, Roman, Swiss (8 - 64 Pt. in 1 - Pt. Increments)
  • Paper Input:Single/Multi-Part, Continuous, Cut Sheet, Envelopes, Card Stock, Labels
  • Paper Feeding: Top and rear standard, bottom with optional push or pull tractor
  • Standard Tractor:Rear Push with zero-tear and paper park
  • 54 dBA LQ mode/56 dBA Utility mode/50 dBA Quiet mode

refID: [09963]

Model: ML391

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