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Improve patient care and safety with the next evolution in EDA power

The MC75A0 takes its place as Motorola€™s premier rugged EDA for healthcare, offering all the features and functionality required to take healthcare quality and patient safety to the next level in your institution.  With this easy-to-use and easy-to-carry device, your healthcare workers can access patient information, perform a triple check to verify the right medication is about to be administered to the right patient, monitor patient vital signs, place pharmacy and lab orders, access test results and more €� all in just seconds, anywhere inside the healthcare facility. Add government-grade security for HIPAA compliance, rugged design to endure daily use inside the hospital, a disinfectant-ready housing designed to withstand regular exposure to the harsh cleaning agents required to prevent the spread of germs and powerful tools for centralized management of all your mobile devices €� including attached device accessories €� and you have maximum value in a minimum footprint, all at the right price.

Streamline and error-proof your hospital applications with MAX Data Capture

With the MC75A0 in hand, your staff can electronically capture and transmit virtually any type of data from patient bedside right to your business systems. Our revolutionary scan engine delivers unparalleled performance on every 1D and 2D bar code and is optimized for the read ranges and bar code densities common in healthcare €� including those on small vials and test tubes. Omnidirectional scanning provides true point and shoots scanning simplicity €� no need to align the bar code in the field of view.

First-time, every time scanning of even damaged and poor quality bar codes enhance user confidence and data capture speed. In addition, the integrated 3.2-megapixel autofocus color flash-enabled camera enables the easy capture of high-resolution photographs, video footage, and documents €� complete with legible fine print.

The power to support all of your point-of-care applications

With the MC75A0, your clinical staff can count on consistent desktop-like performance, regardless of whether your applications incorporate high-resolution video, documents, and images or large databases that must be resident on the device. The MC75A0 offers a robust processing platform, from the operating system to memory architecture, including Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5; a PXA320 processor with 806 MHz of blazing speed; and 256 MB RAM/1GB Flash with a user-accessible microSD slot to accommodate up to 32GB of additional storage. And the ability to automatically switch between portrait and landscape display modes with a flick of the wrist provides additional real-estate and easier viewing for more complex applications.

A rugged design built for life in the hospital

Motorola MAX Rugged provides Motorola€™s signature rugged specifications, ensuring reliable performance despite drops, spills, wipedowns, and disinfecting. With MIL-STD 810G €� the latest military standards €� and IEC specifications for drop, tumble and sealing, the device withstands 5 ft./1.52 m drops, 1,000 consecutive 1.6 ft./0.5 m tumbles and exposure to dust, water and more. The result is a dramatic reduction in repair requirements and downtime, providing a strong return on asset (ROA).

In addition, the ability to disinfect the MC75A0 frequently throughout the day helps prevent the spread of germs among patients and caregivers. The special housing can be safely sanitized with many common cleaning agents, without damaging the plastics or the sensitive electronic components.

Enable voice communications with different device types on different networks for superior collaboration

Inside the hospital, different types of workers use different types of devices. Administrators may carry Motorola€™s TEAM VoWLAN phones. Physicians may carry Motorola€™s small pocketable EDA, the ES400.  Nurses and lab technicians may carry the MC75A0 for point-of-care applications as well as mobile voice. Campus security as well as custodial and patient transport staff may carry two-way radios. And biomedical engineers and materials management personnel may carry the MC75A or MC55.

Typically, these devices cannot €˜speak€™ to each other, resulting in €˜islands of voice€™. But Motorola€™s Integrated Voice Solutions provide instant push-to-talk communications between these devices. And in the critical care setting of a hospital, the powerful and highly cost-effective one-to-one and one-to-many voice communications across workgroups ensure the lightning-fast response times that save lives and improve the patient experience.

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Model: MC75A0

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