Mettler RS-P42 Titrator Printer (RS-P42)

Condition: New

MettlerSKU: Mettler-RS-P42
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The Mettler Toledo RS-P42 allows detailed documentation of results without sacrificing much bench space. The printer provides printouts of weighing results, regular adjustments, and depending on the balance it also prints out individual configuration application results. The connection to a balance or analytical instrument is accomplished via a standard RS232C interface. The RS-P42 Printer is in excellent condition and will be fully tested to perform at factory specifications before being shipped.


  • Printing speed: Faster than 1 line per second
  • Paper type: Normal and adhesive paper, 58 x 51mm
  • Interfaces: RS232C with 9 Pin male connector
  • Printing unit: Dot-matrix, 24 characters/line

Model: RS-P42

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