Keyence SZ-V04X Safety Laser Scanner (SZ-V04X)

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The SZ-V Series offers a truly unique safety solution compared to other types of safety equipment. The reflective nature of the scanner allows for versatile mounting, coupled with user-defined protection and warning zones, to cover any hazardous location. Expand machine protection by connecting multiple heads to a single display unit. Seamlessly monitoring multiple sections of a machine without the need for extensive or complicated wiring.


Max. load current:  500 mA *10

Display:  QVGA 2.2inch color LCD

Maximum Number of Banks:  Max. 4 banks

Multiple Scanner Heads:  Max. 3 scanner heads

Number of Control Output (OSSD):  4 outputs

Number of Non-Safety Related Output (AUX output):  6

Camera Monitoring Area:  Monitor area: over 190° (-5° to 185°) *8


Model: SZ-V04X

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