Keyence BL-601 Barcode Scanner (BL-601)

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Keyence BL-601 Barcode Scanner (BL-601)


  • Easy operation.
  • Cost-Effective.
  • One Print Extruder.
  • Exquisite Exterior.
  • Software: Slicing software.
  • Prints from SD card or computer.
  • Converts files to STL for printing.
  • FDM Technology supports ABS, PLA, Hips.
  • Supports both English and Chinese as the display language.
  • Mold Manufactured: Molds both exterior and interior parts.
  • Compatibility: Linux and Windows (32 and 64 bits XP, 7, 8).
  • Totally Enclosed Case: Benefits the heat insulation. Reduces the distortion of the molding product.
  • Drag chain design: Different from the common open up-and-down wire feeding structure, this machine adopts the drag chain design, hidden embedded, and the wire feeding chuck is also optimized.

Model: BL-601

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