HiTi 640DL Professional Photo Quality Dye Sublimation Printer (640DL)

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A computer-based commercial unit with 403dpi high resolution, the HiTi 640DL is ideal for mini-lab and business applications. The 640DL is designed for heavy-duty continuous printing and batch printing and is faster, durable, and more reliable than any other Dye Sublimation printer in its price range.

403dpi True Color Continuous-Tone Printing

Using Dye Diffusion Thermal Transfer (D2T2) technology, the HiTi Photo Printer 640DL is designed for those who take precision and quality seriously. The Thermal Print Head heats three ribbon panels that are coated with dyes in yellow, magenta, and cyan. The heating process converts the dye to gas which diffuses into a thin receiving layer on top of the paper. A protective coating is then layered on top of the paper to protect the color against water and ultraviolet damage and to prevent the prints from fading.

Heavy-Duty 4x6 Inch Borderless Printing

The Photo Printer 640DL is capable of 30-sheet continuous printing of 4"x 6" borderless photo prints which enable higher productivity rates and decreased labor costs.

Automatic Temperature and Humidity Detection

The HiTi photo printer 640DL features an auto-detection of temperature and humidity. The built-in temperature and humidity sensor can detect the working temperature and humidity and adjust the printing mode to fit different printing environments in order to consistently provide the best photo quality available.

Economical Printing Capacity of up to 100 Prints

Different paper cassettes allow users to swap easily for various output necessities such as 4"x6" photo paper and various sticker sizes. The 100-sheet capacity is perfect for commercial use.

Parallel Printing (Up to 8 Printers)

The HiTi Photo Printer 640DL allows multiple printer connections through the USB port and an inexpensive USB hub. One PC can connect to and run up to 8 photo printers for heavy-duty photo outputs.

Fuzzy Print Media Management

Whenever the image type and consumable type are inconsistent, the driver will popup a warning message to alert users to be sure that they are selecting the correct media; the auto searching function of the consumable type is also implemented in parallel printings.

Magic Coating Technology

Magic Coating Technology keeps your photo prints brilliant with waterproof and UV protection.

Unique "Watermark" effect

Choose the built-in patterns or import your own images to create unique patterned photos with a translucent design impressed on the print visible when the photo is held to the light.

Smart LED Messenger

The Smart LED Messenger performs monitoring of the printers status. The HiTi Photo Printer 640DL features 3 LED lights that communicate information about paper loads, errors, and power status.

HiTi PhotoDisirie Mini-Lab Edition Software Included

Designed to satisfy varied customers' needs, PhotoDisirie allows users to enhance and modify images with available auto settings or via manual adjustments

    • Image Editing:
      PhotoDisirie allows enhancement and modification of images such as cropping, rotating, and resizing along with further enhancement using the contrast/brightness, hue/saturation, shadow/emboss, and auto settings.
    • Versatile Printing:
      PhotoDisirie offers the ability to create various fun and useful layouts such as calendars, greeting cards, and stickers to share with family and friends.
    • Customer Database Management System:
      The built-in database system allows you to easily manage your customer data. The PhotoDisirie MiniLab Edition is the only application you need to run your digital-photo processing.
    • Convenient Billing System:
      The pricing system in the PhotoDisirie MiniLab Edition automatically calculates the price of all printing jobs in your store, including editing charges, and customer totals.

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