Fujifilm NX 500 Digital Photo Thermal Printer (NX-500)

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This white Fujifilm printer is trustworthy, dependable, and a solid choice for printing a variety of outputs rapidly. You can experience stunningly crisp printer outputs on documents because the Fujifilm NX 500 has a striking color printing capability. With the superb 2.4 min/page print speed on this Fujifilm printer, you can quickly generate pictures or photographs. This thermal printer includes an innovative thermal transfer technology, so you can print multitudes of striking quality images or pictures. Thanks to a useful form factor, the Fujifilm NX 500 utilizes the least amount of desk space necessary to accomplish your printing tasks. This Fujifilm printer enables you to change the print settings till you get them just the way you want them to maximize your office productivity or work output with its powerful controls. This thermal printer is an outstanding digital photo printer, so you can make hard copies of your photographs to give to your family. Also, the Fujifilm NX 500 has a handy computer connection enabling you to easily connect it and print images or pictures.


Model: NX 500

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