Fireye C9707A Fuel Scanner Sensor Detector (DE701-007C)

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The C9707A All Fuel Scanner is used with the FIREYE R9107A Flame Controller to provide continuous monitoring of burner flames in industrial and utility boilers and furnaces. The Scanner views the burner flame through a one-inch inside diameter straight sight pipe. The C9707A uses a UV sensor that responds to radiation in the range of 185 to 265 nanometers and an IR sensor that responds to radiation in the range of 500 to 1,000 nanometers, making it suitable for monitoring the flames of natural gas, no. 2 oil, no. 6 oil, pulverized coal, and bark. 


  • The C9707A is capable of detecting flames from a majority of burning fuels used in today's boilers and furnaces.
  • The scanner testing (self-checking) feature allows verification of scanner operation by periodically interrupting the incoming flame radiation.

Model: C9707A

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