Fireye 65UV5 Simplicity Integrated Flame Scanner (65UV5-1004ECEX)

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The Fireye 65UV5 flame scanner is a microprocessor-based flame scanner utilizing an ultraviolet tube-type sensor and an electro-mechanical self-checking shutter mechanism. The Fireye 65UV5 flame scanner incorporates an internal flame relay with a fixed ON/OFF threshold thereby eliminating the need for an external flame amplifier. The 65UV5 scanner is available with a one-second or four-second flame failure response time (FFRT) depending on the model selected. The “E” versions are one-second FFRT, the non-” E” versions are four seconds FFRT. The Fireye 65UV5-1004QD, -1004EQD flame scanner provides an analog 4 to 20 mA output referenced to flame signal strength. The Fireye 65UV5 flame scanner is powered from a 24 Vdc power source provided externally and includes an integral 8 pin quick disconnect connector. A color-coded internal LED indicates flame status and alarm condition. 

Model: 65UV5-1004ECEX

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