Fireye 45UV5-1006 UV Scanner (45UV5-1006)

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Fireye 45UV5 self-checking scanners are used to detect ultraviolet emissions from fossil fuel flames such as natural gas, coke oven gas, propane, methane, butane, kerosene, light petroleum distillates, and diesel fuels.


The components are contained in a cast aluminum housing sealed with an oil-resistant gasket. The quartz lens is a plano-convex design, resulting in increased sensitivity. Also included in the scanner is an electromagnetic shutter that permits a self-checking circuit to verify that the scanner and signal circuits are producing valid flame presence or absence information. During the shutter closed period, the detector’s optical path is blocked from flame radiation, allowing the amplifier control to verify the proper operation of the ultraviolet tube. While the shutter is open, flame presence or absence is detected.

Model: 45UV5-1006

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