Fireye 1005 Series Scanner (45UV5-1005)

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These 45UV5 models are used only with the Flame-Monitor, BurnerLogix, D-Series, FlameWorx, MicroM, and some P-Series Fireye control models to provide flame safeguard and monitoring systems for supervised manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic single burner boilers, process ovens, and heaters.
The 45UV5 scanners use a UV-eye detector. This detector is a sealed, gas-filled, UV-sensitive tube containing two electrodes connected to a source of AC voltage. 


  • Weight: 7 lbs. (3.2 kg) Purge Air: 4 SCFM (113L/min) at 3/8 inch threaded housing inlet or 4 SCFM at 1-inch wye fitting in scanner sight pipe.
  • Optical Range: 2200 to 2600 angstroms. No response to infrared radiation or visible light.
  • Optical Field of View: 1 inch per foot (25.4mm/305mm)
  • Operating Range: 72 inches (1830mm) or less.

Model: 1005

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