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A versatile solution for mid-sized organizations, the dual-sided Fargo DTC4000 is a user-friendly card printer that can easily adapt to meet a wide variety of professional ID card applications. The DTC4000 produces vivid, full-color photo ID cards, and provides sharp text, barcodes, and digital signatures. Its sleek design makes it suitable for any office setting.

Flexible Printer for Growing Programs

The Fargo DTC4000 is loaded with features that simplify the card-printing process. A high-resolution graphical SmartScreen offers up status messages that literally walk you through each step as your IDs are printed. The easy-to-follow prompts ensure you always know what step to take next.

Perhaps the greatest attribute of the Fargo DTC4000 is its ability to upgrade in-field should your ID program grow or change. The printer's modular design makes it a truly future-proof solution. Add-on modules are available for magnetic stripe, proximity card, and smart card encoding, and you can even add Ethernet connectivity at the time of purchase or down the line.

These options allow you to enhance the security and functionality of your card program. And if you choose to add Ethernet connectivity, multiple users will be able to access the printer remotely in a networked environment. For even more convenience, the DTC4000 accepts field-upgradeable combined input/output card hopper, which works great for hassle-free batch printing.

Secure ID Printing

The Fargo DTC4000 is also a secure card-printing solution, offering password-protected printer operation, and increased card security with optional fluorescent UV ribbon or holographic foil card printing. Another unique feature of the Fargo DTC4000 is its ability to eliminate waste by erasing and reprinting information on temporary IDs when used with special heat-sensitive cards. This rewritable card-printing process is ideal for short-lived cards such as visitor badges and transit passes.

Printer Options & Upgrades

The Fargo DTC4000 comes with the following printer options:

  • Magnetic stripe encoding
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Same-side input/output hopper

refID: [09915]

Model: DTC4000

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