Datalogic PBT9500 Barcode Scanner (PBT9500-DPMRBK10US)

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The PowerScan PBT9500-DPM Evo imager includes the latest optics and software from Datalogic to make the reading of codes marked with DPM technology easy and intuitive. The typical reading distance with the PowerScan PBT9500-DPM Evo is from contact to 4-5 cm/1.5-1.9 in, depending on the DPM technology used, the code resolution, and the material and surface type. The PowerScan PBT9500-DPM Evo scanner is also capable of reading standard barcodes printed on labels. It is based on a high-density optic which allows the capture of very small, high-resolution codes in a range from near contact up to 15.0 cm/5.9 in.


  • PowerScan PBT9500-DPM Handheld Barcode scanner Kit - Wireless Connectivity - 5.91" Scan Distance - 1D, 2D - Imager - Bluetooth - Yellow, Black

Model: PBT9500-DPMRBK10US

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