DATALOGIC GBT4102-HC Barcode Scanner (GBT4102-HC)

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Datalogic's GBT4102-HC barcode scanner is ideal for quiet health care environments, such as bedside patient care. The unmatched flexibility of the GBT4102-HC offers health care professionals the complete suite of reading and radio technologies available within the Gryphon series. Perfect in hospitals, labs, and pharmacies, the GBT4102-HC features data capture technology designed to streamline the capture of patient identification, laboratory samples, and medications with reliable data identification.


  • Gryphon GBT4102 Handheld Barcode scanner
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Bluetooth
  • Scan barcodes with a staggering speed of 325 scan/s
  • Bluetooth technology - allows compatibility with most of your smart devices

Model: GBT4102-HC

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