Datalogic DS4800-1000 Fixed Barcode Scanner (931061318)

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DATALOGICSKU: Datalogic-931061318
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Smart Focus adjustment for flexible reading area selection, The Datalogic DS4800 is an industrial laser scanner combining flexibility and compactness thus satisfying all application needs of the production plant. Through the smart focus adjustment, the DS4800 optimizes the performances based on the reading distance. This extends the reading area and improves the overall read rate. Thanks to DIGITECH technology, the DS4800 provides excellent reading performance on low-quality barcodes. By means of optimized reading recipes, DS4800 improves the reading rate on low contrast barcodes while granting excellent performance at high skew angles. Additionally, ACR4 reconstruction technology increases the max tilt angle and decoding rate on damaged barcodes.


  • 1000 Adjustable Focus
  • Linear. Priced per unit. 2 weeks lead time.
  • Perfect for applications that require direct association with a workstation or a notebook
  • Laser scan engine guarantees rapid error-free data entry

Model: DS4800-1000

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