Datalogic DS4600A-3200 Barcode Scanner (DS4600A-3200)

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The new Datalogic DS4600A is an industrial fixed positioned bar code reader specifically designed for the needs of the manufacturing industry. As a result of the improved optic, the new DS4600A has a very good reading field width at the minimum distance and gives a great reading performance on low contrast bar codes. This industrial scanner is available in three versions: the high-density model, the medium-range model, and the long-range version. The latter features a maximum reading distance of 1,000 mm. The DS4600A is based on a real-time decoder, with a powerful RISC processor, capable of providing exceptional price/performance solutions for the fastest and most sophisticated applications. The DS4600A features a new auto-learning function: the most suitable configuration is automatically achieved by simply positioning a bar code label in front of the scanner. As a result of the auto-learning function, the DS4600A can be easily adjusted on the application without the need for deep knowledge of barcode technology. The DS4600A has got a practical display with a keypad that both increase the scanner easiness of use by showing bar code data read (local echo), statistics data, and running the autolearning function (no PC is needed). The DS4600A is available on-demand with an internal heater, which makes the scanner particularly suitable to work inside cold environments. The outstanding reading characteristics and the extreme ease of use and flexibility of the DS4600A make this scanner suitable for a wide range of applications in the manufacturing industry, including automated warehousing, shop floor, data collection, and WIP tracking. With the DS4600A state-of-the-art technology Datalogic reinforces its leadership in the design, manufacture, and distribution of bar code reading systems.


  • Reading distance up to 1,000 mm
  • Display and keypad
  • Auto learning function
  • Real-time decoder
  • Good reading performances on very low contrast bar codes
  • Oscillating mirror available
  • Internal heater for cold environments

refID: [09948]

Model: DS4600A-3200

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