Datalogic DS2400N-1200 Fixed Barcode Scanner (930181381)

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The Datalogic DS2400N Compact Laser Scanner industrial laser barcode reader takes advantage of Datalogic Automation's successful experience in 1D barcode reading, satisfying the demanding application needs of the largest manufacturers worldwide. The DS2400N Compact Laser Scanner provides greater profitability and productivity in the most common warehousing, shop floor and OEM applications. 


  • Embedded Ethernet connectivity
  • Two PROFINET Ports
  • Embedded Ethernet Switch
  • Line topology
  • Rotating connector block
  • Compact dimensions
  • Installation flexibility and optimum form factor
  • ACR: Advanced Code Reconstruction
  • Excellent performance on low quality and damaged labels
  • Up to to a 600 mm (23.6 in.) reading distance

Model: DS2400N-1200

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