Datalogic DS2100N Barcode Scanner (930153187)

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The DS2100N is the ideal compact laser bar code scanner with complete connectivity and communication options for close reading applications. The DS2100N is available in distinct models offering on-board PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, and Ethernet TCP/IP communication protocols. With on-board Ethernet ports and switch capability, the DS2400N can be networked into PROFINET line or ring topologies for system redundancy. With EDS-AOP setup tools, configuring the EtherNet/IP Fieldbus communication is simple and easy. Through PROFINET, the DS2400N can be configured via the modular structure contained in the GSDML file. Parameters are stored in the GSDML file, providing automatic configuration for failed or replaced devices.


  • Embedded Ethernet connectivity
  • Two PROFINET Ports
  • Embedded Ethernet Switch
  • Line topology
  • Rotating connector block
  • Compact dimensions

Model: DS2100N

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