Creality UCR-Scan01 3D Scanner (CR-Scan01)

Creality 3DSKU: Creality-CR-Scan01
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Creality UCR-Scan01 3D Scanner (CR-Scan01)


  • Professional 3D Scanner: High precision scanning, accuracy up to 0.1 mm, and even scanning large objects can also ensure high-precision details. Such high accuracy level ensures high precision texture feature details for both small and large objects. 24-bit high-fidelity color restoration perfectly supports color printing or modeling output.
  • Auto Scan Matching: CR-Scan 01 3D modeling scanner adopts an intelligent wide-range alignment algorithm to ensure automatic matching, there is no need to manually mesh alignments, calibrate or use marker points. For an Upgraded combo, a tripod and turntable can simplify the scanning process. One-Click fully automatic completion of the scan, support multiple poses automatically aligned, fully automatic to get a more complete model.
  • Easy to Use: CR-Scan outputs standard file-formats including STL and OBJ. Compatible with all mainstream FDM and light-curing printers. It can save your time to learn 3d modeling software or model complex models, you can easily turn your ideas into reality.
  • Intelligent Editing: Model editing automatic filling repair, automatic color repair, automatic substrate recognition, non-destructive mesh simplification, and automatic smooth denoising, give you a great scanning experience.
  • Wide Application: CR-Scan 01 captures life in a three-dimensional way and turns abstract into the concrete. It is widely used in 3D printing, animation design, art, industrial design, reverse engineering, 3D modeling, manufacturing, and so on.

Model: UCR-Scan01

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