COGNEX DMR-50S-00 Barcode Scanner (828-0411-1R)

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COGNEX DMR-50S-00 Barcode Scanner (828-0411-1R)


  • 1D / 2D Fixed-mount barcode reader / scanner (0.4Mpixel) with 6.2mm f/5 3-position adjustable lns. + embedded high-power illumination LED (HPIL) light + infrared IR blocking filter 
  • HPIL (High-powered integrated light) 
  • COGNEX (DataMan 50 series)  DM50S 
  • 752x480pixels resolution (1/3" CMOS sensing) - 60fps 
  • 1 x digital input (4-26Vdc / trigger input) + 1 x digital input (4-26Vdc / discrete input) + 2 x digital outputs (26Vdc 25mA / Sink/Source discrete outputs) + 1 x digital output (4-26Vdc / Sink/Source discrete output

Model: DMR-50S-00

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