COGNEX DMR-262S-0542-P Barcode Reader (DMR-262S-0542-P)

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Designated as one of the most advanced modules of the Cognex designed and produced series of barcode scanners. The DMR-262S is one of the several designations, there is also the 150 models, the 152 models, and the 260 models, but this product is one of the 262 models. Its scanning abilities make sure that they are able to successfully scan both 1-D barcodes, and also 2-D matrices and Quick Response (QR) codes. The software that renders this unit capable of doing this is called the 1DMax, paired with the Hotbars II algorithms, and then, the 2DMax software. This model is capable of decoding 45 codes per second, aided by a pair of green aimer LED lights.

The DMR-262S is outfitted with internal components of a 1/3 inch Complementary Metal/Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) image sensory module, which makes the image intake have a 1280 by 960 pixel image resolution, and its global shutter gives it a frame acquisition rating of 45 frames per second.

The DMR-262S has a series of I/O ports, outfitted with a pair completely isolated, discrete Input units, and then up to 4 completely isolated, discrete Output units. There is also a pair of alternative communication ports, with an RS-232 port, and then an Ethernet input interface.

To help with indicating the model’s actions and status changes, the DMR-262S comes equipped with a set of 5 LED lights, along with an auditory alarm unit, to help when the scanner is out of the operator’s line of sight.

refID: [09939]

Model: DMR-262S-0542-P

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