Cognex CVC-1000 Machine Vision Camera (CVC-1000)

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The Cognex CVC-1000 is a progressive scan video camera developed specifically for industrial machine vision applications.

The CVC-1000 was designed to integrate directly with the Cognex Checkpoint 900 and MVS-8000 Series of machine vision systems and connects to an external image acquisition module mounted on the vision board for direct, on-board image digitization. This helps preserve image quality since images no longer need to first travel to a separate camera control unit before being transferred to the vision system. And, because of this tight integration with the vision system, the camera features such as image size and shutter speed can be controlled remotely through the machine vision system's software and changed from one acquire to another.

The CVC1000 captures images at 60 frames/sec., which is twice the speed of most cameras - a significant benefit in applications such as can and bottle cap inspection, where objects are moving quickly by the camera and the results must be reported instantly. In addition to higher image acquisition speed, the CVC 1000 provides higher quality images, which means that the machine vision system has better image data for making more accurate decisions, such as where an object is located and whether it is defective. Moreover, the camera is built in a compact enclosure, enabling it to fit on most robotic arms and moving X-Y stages used in industrial machine vision applications.

Cognex CVC-1000 is ideal for applications where objects move quickly by the camera and results must be reported instantly.


  • world's first camera to offer high-speed image acquisition
  • enhanced image quality
  • compact size
  • flexible control and direct interface to Cognex's machine vision systems

Model: CVC-1000

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