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Banner SM512 Series dc diffuse mode sensors are designed for reliable performance in especially hostile industrial environments. These sensors have totally-encapsulated circuitry within die-cast metal housings for superior resistance to moisture and physical abuse. Models include: SM512DB, SM512DBX, SM512LBD, and SM512LBDX.


Model SM512DB has a sensing range of 8 inches and a response time of 1 millisecond (ms). Model SM512DBX has a greater range (15 inches) and 10 ms response time. Models SM512LBD and LBDX are divergent diffuse sensors with a wide field of view, which makes them ideal for sensing transparent objects.SM512 Series sensors have complementary NPN transistor outputs (one normally open and the other normally closed), which connect directly to Banner MICRO-AMP and MAXI-AMP logic modules, as well as to most logic gates, small relays, and other similar dc loads.

Model: SM512DBX

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