Allen Bradley 1771-SDN/C Series C, PLC-5 DeviceNet Scanner Module, 2-Channel (1771-SDN/C)

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The 1771-SDN/C DeviceNet Scanner Module is fully compatible with the Series A and Series B versions. You can use the Series C version as a spare or replacement module with one requirement: you must change the position of Switch 5 to the off or “0” position in the Configuration switchbank. Module enhancements: Electronic Keying - added to include Major and Minor revision checking; Shared Inputs - multiple scanner modules can acquire the inputs from a specific input device without using separate connections


  • Allen-Bradley 1771-SDN Module Defaults: Node Address – 63, Baud Rate – 125 Kbits/s
  • Communication Rates: 125 kbits/s, 250 kbits/s, 500 kbits/s
  • Messaging Capabilities: Master: Poll, strobe, COS, or cyclic
  • Explicit: Initiate and respond.

Model: 1771-SDN/C

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