Allen Bradley 1756-RIO Series B, ControlLogix Remote I/O Communication Module (1756-RIO/B)

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In scanner mode, the 1756-RIO module enables communication and data transfer between a ControlLogix controller and devices on a Remote I/O network. The module continuously scans adapters on the remote network. The module transfers discrete and block transfer data.
In adapter mode, the module performs two functions simultaneously. First, it emulates one or more racks of I/O to a scanner, exchanging data with that scanner. Second, it monitors other remote I/O racks on the same Remote I/O network.


  • supports native RIO 16-bit words for data, control, and status bits
  • acts as a scanner on a Remote I/O network
  • acts as an adapter that exchanges data on a Remote I/O network
  • supports discrete data and block transfer data in either mode
  • supports up to 10 produced/consumed data connections (along the
    backplane between the ControlLogix controller and the 1756-RIO
    module) with 248 words of integer input and 248 words of integer
    output for each connection

Model: 1756-RIO

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