Fireye 45RM2-1001 Flame Scanner (45RM2-1001)

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Fireye type 45RM1 and 45RM2 Scanners are self-checking, flame sensing devices. They consist of a lens, photodetector and a solid-state, frequency tuned circuit contained in a die cast aluminum housing. When powered by a compatible, self-checking Fireye flame safeguard control, the scanners detect the presence or absence of flames having certain characteristics.


  • The self-checking 45RM2 Flame Scanner incorporates design features uniquely suited to detecting individual flames and discriminating between flame envelopes.
  • Provide excellent flame detection and discrimination when firing pulverized coal, oil or other fuels which radiate visible light during the combustion process.
  • Features include Flame Relay, Master Relay (Type 25SU5 only), 0-3 VDC Output, 2 scanner operation.

Model: 45RM2-1001

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